About us

Who we are?

We are the ambassadors of high quality food and authentic Greek recipes! Our goal is to enable foodies around Europe to enjoy the benefits of Mediterranean cuisine and share magical moments with their loved ones while cooking, tasting and experiencing the wonders of Greek, locally sourced ingredients.

With marathos you can relive precious holiday memories from Greece by savoring the delicious recipes you tasted during your dream vacation! Enjoy the perks and benefits of the Mediterranean diet, having access to great quality organic ingredients. Now you can recreate amazing, unique and delicious recipes!

The marathos team is here for you to learn to cook amazing meals of great nutritional value and easy of preparation, with the finest of ingredients and carefully sourced ingredients shipped to your door directly from local suppliers, all certified by our marathos team of chefs, nutritionists and food experts!

What We Do?

We go “fishing” everyday!

We meticulously select our fish. Our responsibly sourced fresh fish and seafood have the aroma of Aegean sea and a tender, flaky meat no one can resist! This is as fresh as it can get!

We harvest fine crops

We trust exemplary units who research the greek countryside to choose the best fruits and vegetables from qualified and established producers. Always seasonal, organic when available and fresh.

We have YOU in mind

We accommodate every appetite, dietary restriction, household size, and schedule. Let us know if you have any dietary constrains or picky habits and we will customise the recipe accordingly.

We reduce waste

With our pre-measured ingredients packaged in recyclable materials we reduce food waste together, while we continuously work in reducing our carbon footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • We buy fresh products daily
  • We select our suppliers with strict criteria
  • Our fish were swimming the day before packaging them in your Marathos box
  • Our organic herbs and vegetables are cut out the previous day from the producer's field to arrive fresh in your kitchen
  • We can trace each bite of meat up to the farm
  • Our cheeses come from small certified producers
  • The ingredients we use are Greek, locally sourced from the lands that produce them, except those that are not available on the domestic market
  • We spoil our dishes with many and unusual spices from different parts of the world
  • We are against preservatives and make our own homemade broths and dressings
Our chefs and nutritionists take extra care to prepare a highly balanced menu, of rich nutritional value. Our ingredients are as fresh and as healthy as it gets. For each recipe we do a lot of testing, to achieve the right taste, the perfect quality and an easy preparation when it arrives on your kitchen bench.
Every package comes fully featured with:

  • Washed, chopped and sliced ingredients
  • Freshly sourced fish or meat or vegetables
  • Spices and aromatics flavor sachets
  • Extra virgin olive oil bottles
  • Detailed recipe and step by step guide
  • Nutrition table and allergens card.
Our packages arrive with next day delivery to most locations of the 24 countries we ship to, in a packaging that ensures our products to stay fresh for up to 2 days. We have researched in detail the packaging materials and the icepacks needed for each set of ingredients to make sure that they will arrive fresh and not frozen to your doorstep. If for any reason (i.e. Courier delay, strike etc) the package arrives in more than 24 hours after our shipping date/time, please do not consume the ingredients and contact us to send you a replacement or credit gift card.
In marathos we operate with the highest standards of quality and health & safety. We handle nuts and other allergens, so please indicate clearly with your order if you suffer from any allergy so we can take it into consideration and act accordingly.
The researchers state that, pound for pound, meal kits have a smaller carbon footprint than equivalent meals bought from a grocery store and prepared at home. A study in the scientific journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling, examines the whole life cycle — from farm to garbage can — of meal kits and their grocery store equivalents, and finds that, on average, store meals produce 33% more greenhouse gas emissions than their equivalents from meal kit industry. Much of the reduced emissions stems from less food waste and a more streamlined supply chain, according to the study. In marathos we deliver only the food you need for a meal, our plastic footprint offsets savings from reduced waste.