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July 24, 2019 1 Comment


Pastitsio is an extremely popular dish in Greece and, fun fact, across the years, many fights have vented among locals over whose grandmother cooks it best. Pastitsio was originally created in Italy, but because, as they say Greeks and Italians are ‘’una faccia una razza’’ pastitsio traveled its way to Greece’s traditions with the help of Italian immigrants, in a boat that crossed the Adriatic Sea. In Greece the legendary ‘’ Greek mother’’ made the dish a symbol, of ‘’mommy cuisine’’, that is adored by the Greeks. It is characterized by the thick pasta and velvet bechamel that make a ‘’heaven’’ like meal. Baked in the oven, it is a perfect choice for any event where you need to feed lots of people, from a dinner party with friends or family to just a handy dish to keep in the fridge to save you from cooking every day, pastitsio is there to save the day! It's also a fantastic recipe to use as a parent as it is very popular with children. In Greece, we usually have it as a main course served with a fresh Greek salad, that you can easily make yourself. It is so popular that whether you are visiting Athens or any Greek island, you will certainly get a chance to taste it.

And if you're into cooking, why not have a go at making a delicious Pastitsio yourself? All you need to do is order your meal kit, and marathos will be knocking at your door! Fast, easy, healthy and simply divine!

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