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July 24, 2019 1 Comment


No other dish in the world combines better the creamy richness of the béchamel sauce, the scrumptious taste of the minced meat and the baked savory eggplant. This dish is considered one of the top Greek foods, along with gyro and souvlaki (link here). There are multiple versions of moussaka, but they have as main ingredients the eggplant and the ground meat. Sometimes the meat is lamb, other times it is beef and occasionally it can be both. While moussaka is known as an essential dish in any Greek household, it’s not an everyday dish, mostly because it takes at least two hours to prepare for anyone who tries to make it from scratch. With marathos you save that time since you don’t have to buy or prepare the ingredients. We send fresh authentic Greek Moussaka ready-cut and measured straight to your door, all you need to do is put them together with love and you have this amazing dish in your house.

Interested? If you can’t wait until your next visit to a local Greek restaurant or a big trip to Greece, why not try cooking your own Moussaka? The only difference is that with marathos you don’t waste time, money, or food.

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