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This might be one of the biggest truths, since water is a vital component of the human body, i.e. up to 90% of the blood, 85% of the brain and 75% of the rest of the body!

And as a human grows, it may happen that he/she feels less and less thirsty, but we must not forget that it is the purest way to eliminate many potential health problems. E.g. toxins that accumulate in our body may provoke headaches. By drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily, we eliminate toxins and thus fight against headaches in a natural way.

Furthermore, water has remarkable healing properties. Provided that its purity is guaranteed, it is able to heal us from possible inflammation and cramps. Proper personal hygiene and clean water can prevent a disease, minimise the chances of food poisoning and reduce infection by parasites and bacteria.

Of course water consumption has a primary role in our diet and we have to pay particular attention to the quantity but also the quality of water we drink. The minimum amount recommended by scientists for maintaining good health is 2 litres per day. The proper hydration of our body helps reducing cellular acidity, increases fat burning, eliminates unnecessary elements through urine and repairs our DNA.

Water helps improve the functioning of our metabolism and lose weight much more easily, as it works as a natural hunger suppressant.

Here comes a smart way to organise our water consumption: Two glasses of water in the morning when we wake up, two glasses of water before breakfast, two glasses of water before lunch, two glasses of water in the evening and 2 glasses of water before dinner. We must drink it slowly sip by sip to avoid the feeling of swelling and in order to help it pass smoothly to the kidneys. This process certainly reduces appetite!

Fresh fruit juices can also give us organic water which is full of vitality. The importance of organic water, which is rich in electrolytes, vitamins, organic minerals, fatty acids and other nutrients present in the fibres of fresh fruits and vegetables, is enormous in the process of slimming. The organic water accelerates cell metabolism and the process of fat burning. This way it regenerates our body.

Remember that foods which are not rich in water block our organism and cause a sense of heaviness and dormancy, prevent weight loss, while increasing our desire for more food. It is also important to drink2-4 glasses of water before and after physical exercise.

The fresh fruit juices like orange, pineapple or grapefruit juice,help us balance the body’s electrolytes, potassium and additional energy.


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