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Why do we love Greek food?
November 08, 2019 29 Comment

Why do we love Greek food?

Greek food is one of the healthiest, and one of the most delicious cuisines around. Greek recipes travel far back in history with little alteration, consistent in their taste and nutrition. The most important fact worth noting about the Greek diet is that it is generally good for your health. In Greece we get our daily dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber in our meals from vegetables, fish, lean meat and olive oil.


Olives, the most iconic food in Greece, provides our body with healthy oils and also adds a wealth of flavor to each and every one of our recipes.

In Μarathos freshness is in many ways tied to health. Especially because our recipes take pride in our fresh ingredients. To begin with, it is convenient that Greece is surrounded by four seas, giving us the chance to include fresh fish in our recipes. Eating fresh, unprocessed foods will make you feel great about eating Greek.

In our menu there are a number of dishes made almost entirely of plant-based foods. So eating like a vegetarian with Marathos isn’t hard. In addition, since seafood is a common ingredient in Greek diet, pescatarians can also feel right at home with our fresh meal kits! However, regardless of your food preferences, Greece has an endless list of delicious, modern and traditional meals that can satisfy your hunger.


So, we’ve got health, we’ve got fresh, how about flavor? Greek food is considered among the finest and most delicious in the world. With an emphasis on baked rather than fried food, Greek dishes avoid elaborate sauces, preferring the perfume of herb seasoning, adding a little magic to help it sing off the plate.

When Greeks taste something delicious, they have a lovely phrase “Gia sta heria sas” which freely translates as “I wish your hands to be healthy”, praising the skill of the cook. Now it is your turn to become the magical Greek cook! Enjoy healthy, fresh, delicious Greek recipes by simply cooking with marathos meal kits and “ready to bake”. The easiest way to cook outstanding Greek food at your home!  

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