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One of the key elements of the famous Mediterranean diet is fish. Fishing was a hobby for the Mediterranean people since their very existence and so fish could be found on every table daily. Geographically speaking, Greece is surrounded by four seas (The Ionian Sea, The Aegean Sea, The Sea of Crete and The Libyan Sea). This gives us endless opportunities to gather fresh seafood off Greece’s coasts, hence eating unfrozen and unprocessed foods as a result. There is a whole procedure for fish eating in Greece. Considering that many of us are used to eating fish fillets or even fish sticks, a whole fish on the table may be a bit fascinating to some, but in Greece, it’s not only common, but it is also a way of knowing where the fish you are eating is coming from.

Some simple guidelines:
fresh fish should smell like the sea
their eyes should be shiny
the scales should be shiny and attached to the body
the gills should be red.

Why do Greeks love fish so much? Well it is not only a tasty, healthy and light meal, but it also lowers your risk of heart attacks and strokes. If these are not enough, fish also has anti-aging properties. As you get older, your body starts to get worn down. Eating fish throughout your lifetime that is rich in healthy fats is one way you can slow down the aging process. Fish also reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s and getting arthritis. The healthy fats that the fish includes can help you have better skin by making smoother and hair by making it shinier.

Give fish a shot! Use the above tips to test the freshness of our fish. You won’t be disappointed!

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      thanks article thanks thanks article

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          Sep 6, 2023

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